Rate of absences reduced by 35%, productivity increased by 2% - with fit im job
Rate of absences reduced by 35%, productivity increased by 2% - with fit im job
fit im job – the good feeling of doing the right thing
fit im job – the good feeling of doing the right thing
Corporate health a mystery? Not with fit im job!
Corporate health a mystery? Not with fit im job!
Reduce burnout risk by 30% - with fit im job
Reduce burnout risk by 30% - with fit im job

metabolic perfomance

more energy, creativity and concentration

Metabolic Perfomance – Physical and mental well-being are closely connected. Nutrition and exercise are two important factors when it comes to achieving an own healthy balance. Find out how to increase your personal well-being and performance by taking simple measures.

Metabolic fitness isn't something impossible to bring about at all! All you need to do is adapting your nutritional behaviour and physical activity to your personal requirements. fit im job helps you find your own, targeted health management.

So you're not really that enthusiastic about fitness and sports? Well don't worry, this seminar is just the right thing for you then. We show you how you can increase your personal well-being and capacity to perform right where you are, with the job and the family you have.

showcase: metabolic perfomance


• the magic triangle: work – family – health
• behavioural change, motivation, health goal
• the connection between exercise – metabolism – well-being
• physical activity  in daily life
• weight management without diet
• eating delicious and nutritious food
• the connection between nutrition & performance
• the connection between digestion & performance


• determining personal pulse values (lactate measurement)
• measuring of. body composition
• defining personal health goals
• follow-up after 9  months


• increased personal metabolic abilities for better concentration and performance
• better resilience by movement and nutrition
• improved sleep quality by movement
• compilation of personal nutritional measures
• creation of an individual implementation plan
• motivation gain from a  success check carried out at the follow-up


• your ideal levels of exertion will be determined
• you will receive a personal exercise programme.
• you will learn how to avoid the most common food traps.
• you will receive a detailed analysis of your body composition
(assessment of current situation).
you will define your personal health goal
• you will work out a plan of action with help of our coaches.

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factsheet seminar "metabolic performance"

the seminar can be held in German, English and French.


The seminar module Metabolic Perfomance is certified for  Cicero!
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unique feature on the market - report on sustainability of seminar

At the follow-up event roughly 6 months after the main seminar, all measurements are repeated. Checking on the success of the original goals substantiates the desired effect:
78% of all seminar participants reduce body fat and confirm that they have more capacity and focus at work.
A clear success for a company. As to make such kind of success visible, it is after every follow-up event that we produce a report on sustainability of the measures taken - unique feature in the market of CHM providers!


70’000 kg of adipose fat already lost


The seminar «Metabolic Performance» isn't about losing weight as such. It is about reactivating participants' fat metabolism the way it's intended to function. One of the positive effects of getting this metabolism going again is that participants lose an average of 3.5 kg of body fat. But the main goal of reactivating the fat metabolism is to tap a stable source of energy that is always available and thus stabilize concentration and performance at work and in life.

health a private matter? ...well, think about the benefits for your company!


Today's working environment is dominated by high cost and sales pressure, reorganization processes and so on. Along with the fact that employees are mostly sitting at work, the rate of work-related sick-leave is on the rise everywhere.

Physical and mental fitness lead to a decrease of osick-leave by up to 60%!

Invest in health interventions and save lots on costs related to sick leave and longterm absences. And have productivity of your employees go up! It more than pays off, we have got plenty of proof.

Jeannette Rennhard
“Many employees were no longer managing to recharge their batteries.” Jeannette Rennhard,
Human Resources Manager
Neue Aargauer Bank AG
René Villiger
“What is worth tackling? – fit im job gave us the answers to this question.” René Villiger,
Human Resources Manager
Microsoft Switzerland
Thomas Jeannerat
“fit im job delivers the complete package. Analysis - intervention - evaluation.“ Thomas Jeannerat,
Head of personal development
Swiss Federal Statistical Office, FSO
Daniel Fahrni
“The 2nd health survey confirmed the positive impact on our employer branding.” Daniel Fahrni,
Head of HR
Neue Aargauer Bank AG

"Thanks to the seminars we could show our employees that their health matters."

Andrea Engeler, HR & vice-chief of department, Amt für Wirtschaft und Arbeit Volkswirtschaftsdirektion des Kantons Zürich

these companies have increased performance and reduced absences and cases and saved up to 3 million Swiss Francs.

Click on their logos and find out more about their health interventions with fit im job.

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